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Height Extension Kit


The Pet Playgrounds Extension Kit allows to you increase the height of your fence. This is perfect for pet parents that ordered the wrong height or got a new dog that is a jumper. This kit comes with:

  • 5 post extenders for every 100 feet (product shown)
  • 5 posts for every 100 feet
  • 10 post collars for every 100 feet
  • 250 foot roll of cable for every 100 feet
  • 4 foot polypropylene mesh (one 100 foot roll) for every 100 feet
  • 4 Gripples for every 100 feet
  • One box of 1,000 hogrings for every 100 feet
  • One corner post for every 100 feet

Each quantity selected will provide 100 feet of coverage. Select a quantity of 1 to extend 100 linear foot kit. Select a quantity of 2 to extend a 200 linear kit and so on. Questions? Call us at 1-800-985-9202.

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These accessories are for existing Pet Playgrounds customers ONLY. Many parts require items that are included in our dog fence kits. Dismiss